Who is The Pilates Resource Catalogue for?

The Pilates Resource Catalogue is designed to provide a bridge for instructors who have recently completed their Pilates teacher training and are beginning to build their practice and careers.

Comprehensive reviews of equipment-based Pilates exercises plus mat based make the PRC a wonderful resource for Pilates instructors at any stage of their career who are looking for inspiration and community.

Whatever your Pilates teacher training experience, teaching style and approach, we encourage and welcome you to join us.

The Pilates Resource Catalogue is for instructors who are interested in expanding the traditional Pilates exercises that they’ve learned in their Pilates teacher training programs with supplementary and contemporary movement patterns that include sequences, workouts and flows.

The PRC offers a diverse range of exercises that integrate the integrity of Pilates with other exercises. These exercises layer movement in a way that is accessible, retainable, progressive, and client-focused.

Pilates teacher training

If you’re a Pilates instructor who:

  • Is currently completing or has completed a Pilates Teacher Training program
  • Is working to build a clientele and establish yourself in the fitness industry
  • Wants to provide more quality variety and options to their private Pilates sessions
  • Teaches Pilates group classes and is looking for smart, progressive & fun workouts.
  • Looking for a community of like-minded instructors who want to maintain the quality of Pilates while making it accessible to their clients

Then The Pilates Resource Catalogue is for you!

It’s the very tool that you need to define your teaching style, retain your clientele, draw more participants into your classes and be successful in your Pilates career! 

With The PRC, you will gain the confidence to build out traditional as well as non-traditional Pilates workouts and modules. With a subscription, you will be armed with deep insight into each move, how to guide your clients through workouts, and discover how to cultivate your personal teaching style into your practice.

Your subscription also includes complementary exercises and supplementary moves, giving you endless options to create Pilates programs that help you meet your clients’ goals.