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Amanda Close

Certified Pilates Instructor and owner of Lake Avenue Pilates, Westchester County, New York

Carla is a master of movement and her creative instruction is best in class. Twenty years ago I was introduced to Pilates through Carla. The breadth of knowledge that she provided inspired me to certify in the method and ultimately become a studio owner. She is an exceptional teacher of teachers and I continue to hone my skills under her tutelage.

Alexandra Morgan

Former STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer and studio owner, Hamilton, Canada

Carla is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and long-time studio owner. She’s accomplished most things new instructors set out to do, and she’s done it with kindness and grace. The resource catalogue serves as the missing link between many wonderful instructor training programs, and a successful career. It’s the opportunity to hear a master break-down repertoire, gain insight into her proven approach to programming, and have access to it all in one place. I learn something every time I have an opportunity to hear her teach, and am excited for everyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure.

Natalie Gabellone

STOTT Pilates Advanced Instructor and studio owner of RE/FRAME Pilates, Mexico City, Mexico

For those looking to enhance their Pilates teaching skills, explore techniques and approaches to sequencing and or to help join the dots between exercises within the full Pilates repertoire – look no further than the Pilates Resource Catalogue.
This is a fabulous library for beginner and experienced instructors. I loved the content and structure, and it has certainly helped me with trickier clients and adding smarter sequencing in my clients workouts. Carla’s experience and knowledge goes well beyond Pilates, making this a must resource for all.

Claire Kim

Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Lead instructor at Club Pilates Leslieville, Toronto, Canada Certified instructor at Merrithew Pilates Studio, Toronto, Canada

Carla’s tool is a true gem! It’s revolutionized how I approach instructing fitness to my clients. The sequence strategy is brilliant and offers a structured way to organize my Pilates classes. The drip-feed approach to releasing content keeps me engaged and focused; it’s a real win in today’s online learning world. Carla’s exercise insights are pure gold. They’ve improved my teaching and the online accessibility is a huge plus. The 10 and 20-minute workouts are fantastic examples of effective programming. Best of all, this tool doesn’t overwhelm new instructors. It gently guides learning without overloading. Thanks, Carla, for this game-changing resource!