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If you’ve recently completed your Pilates certification you know that there can often be gaps between learning Pilates and teaching real clients.

And if you’re an experienced Pilates instructor, you understand the value of having a reliable, quality continuing education resource that inspires new movement and provides business insight.

By becoming a member of The  Pilates Resource Catalogue, you’re taking key steps towards reaching your goals and sharing your love of Pilates. 

And you’re accessing the resources to:

• Create quality Pilates workouts
• Stay passionate about teaching
• Avoid burnout
• Grow and retain your clients
• Gain insight into important business decisions

Developed by Studio3 owner and Master Pilates Trainer, Carla Ricalis, this comprehensive resource provides you with the tools to:

Pilates workouts using the S.M.A.R.T Pilates Programming Approach©

exercises on all the Pilates equipment with effective teaching tips based on Carla’s nearly 30 years of teaching

supplementary exercises to progress Pilates workouts (you won’t find these movements anywhere else)

innovative TPRC Instructor Workshop Series with diverse Pilates & comprehensive movement education

Join us for engaging conversations on key topics for Pilates instructors and business owners at our TPRC Collective virtual events – free for all members

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