Take Your Pilates Education to the Next Level

Master Pilates exercises and progressive programming design with confidence.

At The Pilates Resource Catalogue, our goal is to provide accessible, informative, and holistic Pilates resources for Pilates instructors of all experience levels, teaching styles, and certifications.

In the more than 25 years we’ve spent working with Pilates instructors and clients, we know that creating and developing Pilates programs that are innovative, fresh, and challenging for clients can be overwhelming.

It’s hard to know where to start. 

That’s why we’ve designed a learning model that builds upon and levels up your Pilates education. 

A PRC subscription takes you through our video modules at a steady and sustainable pace.

This means that rather than having to decide where or how to start learning, you are guided through exercise, workout, and module videos in a way that builds on your knowledge.

Move through our comprehensive library of resources and continue to develop your confidence and skills as a Pilates instructor.

How the PRC works for Pilates instructors

When you sign up for a monthly subscription to The Pilates Resource Catalogue, you begin a journey through the entire library of resources that we offer. 

Our learning model is designed to help you understand and interact with each exercise and its progressions, regressions, integrations and possibilities before moving on.

As you progress through the PRC, you will gain access to the entire library of programming options, workouts and workshops with new content and programming options added each month. 

We’ve found that this structured approach towards learning how to create effective Pilates workouts is one of the biggest indicators for successful Pilates instructors. 

Our students regularly tell us that their PRC subscription has helped them gain confidence, grow their Pilates business, and create programs that align to their client’s goals.

What’s included in your PRC subscription

Your Pilates Resource Catalogue grants you access to our entire library of resources. 

This includes access to more than 250 videos that cover Pilates exercises, Pilates workouts and movement sequences, virtual studio workshops and supplementary content.

Content is regularly added including core Pilates exercises as well as complementary exercises that can be performed on or off the Pilates apparatuses.

What makes the Pilates Resource Catalogue different?

Our unique approach to Pilates Instructors continuing education means that you get access to resources you won’t find anywhere else. 

Your subscription includes the following:

Focus Pilates Exercises

These core exercises provide the foundation for any Pilates programming. Each exercise is demonstrated in a holistic approach, with a look at:

  • Movement
  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Stamina
  • Control
  • Fluidity
  • Coordination
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Proprioceptive Awareness

Complementary Pilates Exercises

Our resource of complementary exercises are ones that you will likely be familiar with from your Pilates certification. 

The complementary exercises are paired with main focus exercises to help you integrate and build programs. 

We have found that teaching similar exercises together greatly improves client retention. With our complementary exercises resources, you can feel confident in building integrated programs that use exercises you have already learned in your certification education.

Supplementary Pilates Exercises

The supplementary exercises include functional and exploratory movement patterns and exercises that are not necessarily taught in the Pilates certifications, but are key movements that can help instructors provide programming alternatives for their clients. 

Supplementary exercises are movements that are either progressed or regressed from the focus exercise. They take a component of the focus exercise and pull it apart so that there is more awareness, coordination, strength, or mobility for the client.

Selected Workshops

This is where you can access recordings of our online and in-person workshops. The workshops have been divided into segments so you fully engage with the lessons at your own pace.

If you participated in the live workshops (online or in person) you’ll have access to the entire Resource Catalogue for 2 weeks after the workshop ends. With a Pilates Resource Catalogue Membership, you’ll have access for as long as you’re enrolled.

Working with Clients

This section demonstrates how to teach clients who are at different levels of their Pilates training.

You’ll see how exercises are taught at various programming stages and have the option to submit questions about working with clients. We answer your questions through video demonstration as comprehensively and thoughtfully as possible so it can help you make better programming choices.

Some of the questions we regularly work with are:

  • How do I set someone up on a piece of equipment?
  • How do I adapt an exercise for successful movement and understanding?
  • What should I look for during a certain exercise?
  • What can I cue and correct during the movement?
  • Where is the movement being initiated?
  • Where should I be encouraging my clients’ to focus their attention during an exercise?

To send your questions, please fill out the contact form.

Pilates Flows and Workouts

Inspired by the mat and equipment exercises, these workouts and short flows integrate control of the equipment tension and/or body weight with a flow that gently challenges spatial awareness, coordination, and stamina.

They’re great tools to progress and vary your clients programming so that they can connect deeper into the movement. They also provide a fun challenge to increase overall body strength and mind-body awareness. 

Keep track of what you’re doing with MyNotes, focus on the flow that encourages a strong connection and have fun teaching them!

Keep Track of your Education

We’re also pleased to announce our new note feature, which allows you to make and save notes on any of the videos or resources, allowing you to easily come back as you put together your own Pilates programs.