The Complete Pilates Instructor’s Toolkit

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We’re here to help you build a thriving, client-focused Pilates program

After 25 years of working with Pilates instructors of all experience levels, certifications, and styles, one thing is clear: building a Pilates program that aligns with your personal teaching style is an ongoing journey.

There are endless ways to create a meaningful program as a Pilates instructor. Certifications are an important foundation for learning, but they are just the start for most instructors.

That’s why we created The Pilates Resource Catalogue.

We’re passionate about providing accessible, informative, and holistic Pilates resources for Pilates instructors. We have seen the way that Pilates has the power to change lives, and we strive to support you in your journey as an instructor as you grow your business, clientele, confidence, and skills.

We’ve taken our tried and tested approach to working with Pilates instructors and translated them into a comprehensive online catalogue of on-demand learning resources.

Here, you will find detailed and informative videos for every Pilates exercise.

You will also have access to each exercise’s complementary programming, giving you the ability to create cohesive workouts, as well as supplementary exercises, which support your clients in reaching their movement goals. There is also an entire library of complete Pilates workouts and sequences that are structured to provide you with the teaching cues, tips and areas to look out for as you teach your clientele.

If you’re looking for a community of people who love Pilates and love teaching it, you’re in the right place.

We want to provide you with all the tools you need to create a Pilates program that feels effective for your target clients, as well as meaningful to you as a facilitator.

The PRC is your bridge between certification and confidence in Pilates programming, offering a comprehensive resource that you can access on demand. With The PRC, you have everything you need to start your Pilates business or level up your existing program.

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