Meet your instructor

Since 1996, Carla Ricalis has been immersed in the world of Pilates. She first discovered Pilates at the University of Leeds, and knew almost immediately that it was her calling. Since then, she has spent over 27 years working with clients and Pilates instructors. 

Carla is passionate about supporting Pilates instructors and helping them to build programs that inspire and motivate clients. Her journey through Pilates has included being the director of two  studios in California and currently she is the director of Studio3 in Toronto, Canada, which she also owns.

As the director of Studio3, located in Toronto, Canada, Carla and her team of experienced instructors have built and established a loyal clientele who are committed to the innovative programming and Pilates workouts that are offered.

In 2011, she earned her Masters Degree in Critical Disability Studies from York University where she researched the integration of critical theory into Pilates education programs and studied how Pilates practitioners teach movement to the older adult.

Carla’s approach to teaching Pilates is to include the various training and certifications that she’s completed into her program development, providing participants with a holistic, thoughtful, and diverse approach that is appropriate for their needs.

In addition to training in the STOTT Pilates Certification, she was an Instructor Trainer for their education program from 1996 to 2010, and co-founded the STOTT Pilates Northern California Certification Centre in 2000.

She has certified and participated in courses that include the TRX Suspension System, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Gyrotonic, Eldoa, and Garuda. She has also received her 200 hours yoga certification.

Carla has participated in anatomy dissection and fascial courses, giving her an extensive background in various forms of movement and the body.

Realizing that new and experienced Pilates instructors alike need different ways to expand their programming, Carla spent a year writing, developing and recording content to launch this exciting new platform. The Pilates Resource Catalogue offers Pilates instructors a unique opportunity to develop innovative and progressive movement sequences.