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Translating Learning into Practice

One of the most challenging things we face as Pilates instructors is connecting the dots between what we’ve learned in our certification programs and figuring out how and what to teach our clients. 

Regardless of what Pilates certification you've completed, the content is dense and there are a lot of exercises to choose from.

Often, instructors will end up staying with a certain set of exercises that they’re comfortable teaching - regardless of their clients needs, limitations and capabilities. 

Or they’ll move away from the Pilates content they've learned rather than deepen their understanding of how to make the exercises accessible and progressive. 

What we’ve learned is that diverse bodies require a strong understanding of how to create appropriate Pilates workouts.

This is key not only to build, establish and retain your clientele but to successfully grow your business. 

The Pilates Resource Catalogue

What if there was a more in-depth, comprehensive way to create your Pilates programs? 

The Pilates Resource Catalogue has been developed to inspire you to go deeper into the content you've learned so you can advance your clients progress and build your business.

It’s designed to help you enhance your knowledge and explore new ideas for programming through:

Exercise Reviews

Providing a visual and verbal review of some of the key components of each Pilates exercise.

Complementary Exercises

A selection of Pilates exercises that complement and strengthen your workout focus.

Supplementary Movement Options

Alternative exercise options that will diversify and vary your programming.

Exercise Sequences

Progressive movement sequences to integrate into a Pilates program for challenge and variety.

Comprehensive Explanations

Understanding how to set clients up on the equipment.


Visual clarity and in-depth feedback on your programming questions and concerns through our monthly portal.

Accessible Workouts

Innovative Pilates workouts on the equipment and mat.

Videos and Recordings

A library of Pilates programming content to reference.


Interact with other instructors and experts.

Customized Notes

Securely store client notes to integrate into your teaching.


Elevate Your Pilates Programming

The Pilates Resource Catalogue subscription provides you with the resources to continue your Pilates education and diversify what you offer your clients.

Each week , you’ll get new content to ensure you stay at the forefront of the Pilates industry and continue to develop your teaching practice.

In addition to programming content and workout concepts, you’ll be able to engage in a supportive, educational community where your questions will be answered via video recordings. 

And coming in early 2024 you’ll be able to access the tools that will support you as a business owner and sole proprietor, providing you with the essential resources beyond the Pilates workout.

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Carla Ricalis, M.A.

The Pilates Resource Catalogue was created by Carla Ricalis, based on her 27+ years of training both clients and instructors.

As the owner and director of Studio3, located in Toronto, Canada, Carla and her team of experienced instructors have built and established a loyal clientele who are committed to the innovative programming and Pilates workouts that are offered.

In 2011, she earned her Masters Degree in Critical Disability Studies from York University where she researched the integration of critical theory into Pilates education programs and studied how Pilates practitioners teach movement to the older adult. 

Carla integrates the various training and certification's that she's completed into her program development, providing participants with a holistic, thoughtful and diverse approach. 

In addition to training in the STOTT Pilates Certification, she was an instructor trainer for their education program from 1996 - 2010 and co-founded the STOTT Pilates Northern California Certification Centre in 2000.

She has certified and participated in courses that include the TRX Suspension System, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Gyrotonic, Eldoa and Garuda. She has also received her 200 hours Yoga certification.

Carla has participated in anatomy dissection and fascial courses, giving her an extensive background in various forms of movement and the body.

Realizing that new and experienced Pilates instructors alike need different ways to expand their programming in order to  develop innovative and progressive movement sequences, Carla has spent the past year writing, developing and recording content to launch this exciting new platform.


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Amanda Close

Certified Pilates Instructor and owner of Lake Avenue Pilates, Westchester County, New York

Carla is a master of movement and her creative instruction is best in class. Twenty years ago I was introduced to Pilates through Carla. The breadth of knowledge that she provided inspired me to certify in the method and ultimately become a studio owner. She is an exceptional teacher of teachers and I continue to hone my skills under her tutelage.


Alexandra Morgan

former STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer and studio owner, Hamilton, Canada

Carla is an exceptional teacher, mentor, and long-time studio owner. She's accomplished most things new instructors set out to do, and she's done it with kindness and grace. The resource catalogue serves as the missing link between many wonderful instructor training programs, and a successful career. It's the opportunity to hear a master break-down repertoire, gain insight into her proven approach to programming, and have access to it all in one place. I learn something every time I have an opportunity to hear her teach, and am excited for everyone who hasn't yet had the pleasure.


Natalie Gabellone

STOTT Pilates Advanced Instructor and studio owner of RE/FRAME Pilates, Mexico City, Mexico

For those looking to enhance their Pilates teaching skills, explore techniques and approaches to sequencing and or to help join the dots between exercises within the full Pilates repertoire - look no further than the Pilates Resource Catalogue.
This is a fabulous library for beginner and experienced instructors. I loved the content and structure, and it has certainly helped me with trickier clients and adding smarter sequencing in my clients workouts. Carla's experience and knowledge goes well beyond Pilates, making this a must resource for all.


Claire Kim

Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Lead instructor at Club Pilates Leslieville, Toronto, Canada Certified instructor at Merrithew Pilates Studio, Toronto, Canada

Carla's tool is a true gem! It's revolutionized how I approach instructing fitness to my clients. The sequence strategy is brilliant and offers a structured way to organize my Pilates classes. The drip-feed approach to releasing content keeps me engaged and focused; it’s a real win in today's online learning world. Carla's exercise insights are pure gold. They've improved my teaching and the online accessibility is a huge plus. The 10 and 20-minute workouts are fantastic examples of effective programming. Best of all, this tool doesn't overwhelm new instructors. It gently guides learning without overloading. Thanks, Carla, for this game-changing resource!

Create. Advance. Inspire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Pilates Resource Catalogue is a continuing education platform designed primarily for Pilates instructors as an ongoing resource of programming content, workout variety, professional development support and exercise review. 

It was created to bridge the gap between learning Pilates in the certification programs and teaching Pilates to clients. 

The overall goal is to provide instructors with an online educational resource that helps them define their teaching style, improve their programming skills and establish a long lasting, committed clientele.

Carla is the owner and director of Studio³ Pilates and Yoga located in Toronto, Canada.

Studio³ has been offering quality Pilates and Yoga instruction to clients since 2008 and is known for it’s regular, continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors and comprehensive teaching style of contemporary Pilates. 

Carla received her full STOTT Pilates Certification in 1996 under the mentorship of Moira Merrithew and was an Instructor Trainer for STOTT Pilates Education program until 2010. 

She co-founded the STOTT Pilates Northern California Certification Centre in 2000 and in 2011 completed her Masters of Arts at York University which explored the integration of critical theory into Pilates practitioners education programs. Read more about Carla’s qualifications and experience

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